New conference concept - Interactive seminar on European projects - Minisymposia - New topics

The main topics of conference

Inorganic Binders

  • Low-CO2 binders
  • Carbonating binders
  • Alkali-activated binders
  • Calcined clay cement
  • Alternative binders and other novel binders

Smart Materials for 21st century

  • Nano-engineered materials
  • Self-healing concrete
  • Self-cleaning materials
  • Self-compacting materials
  • Photocatalytic materials
  • Hydrophobic materials
  • Design, Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • FRC

Sustainable building materials and circularity

  • Recycling of building materials
  • Secondary raw materials
  • Supplementary cementitious materials
  • Bio-based materials
  • Eco-based materials

Technology and Test Methods

  • Innovative building methods
  • Durability of Materials and Structures
  • Carbon sequestration methods
  • Modelling of cement-based materials
  • LCA
  • Robotics and cement-based materials
  • Digital fabrication

Alternative materials

  • Clay plasters
  • Superadobe
  • Natural insulation systems
  • Mycelium-based materials
  • Ecopanels
  • Clay panels
  • Ferrocement
  • Papercrete

Opportunity for you to organize your own mini-symposium.

How to get funding for your research in the field of civil engineering.

Healthy living enviroment.

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